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We would like to use The Rex & Bella Show as a way to promote local artists of all kinds, and we need music for our segments. If you’re a local musician, we would love for you to upload some original tracks for us to consider using. If we use any of your music, we will notify you in advance, and credit you at the end of the segment.

Please read our artist agreement, which says that if you upload your music here, you are giving us permission to play your music online in conjunction with moving images (just a little added restriction on us, so we can’t go replaying your music without our accompanying segments). Remember, you can only give us permission to play your original music which you own and control. Please don’t upload any covers or any other music you don’t own the rights to.

Instructions: Please fill out this form, listing the tracks you’re giving us permission to use (with any other instructions or messages you’d like to send to us). There is a 20MB upload limit per upload, and we only accept .zip, .mp3, .aac, and .aif files.

If you’d like to upload multiple tracks, we recommend you compress them into a .zip file first. On a Mac you can do that by putting the files into one folder, right-clicking (or holding down ctrl and clicking) on the folder, and selecting ‘Compress “[thenameofthefolder]“‘. On a PC you can do that by putting the files into a folder, then right-click on the folder and selecting ’send to’ then ‘compresses (zipped) folder’.

Music Submission Form
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