Where should we go next?

We want to explore unique, off-the-beaten path things to do in New Orleans. We want to go on adventures, try great food, and meet amazing people.

If you know somewhere we should go, comment below.

3 Responses to “Where should we go next?”

  1. Ruth says:

    I’ve heard about a little girl in mid-city who has a pet chicken. Last year she dressed her chicken in a bikini and took it to the Bayou Boogaloo. The chicken sleeps with her (it wears a diaper). I think she would make a good story if you can find her at the Boogaloo this year.

    Also, keeping with the chicken theme apparently, the Latino Farmers Coop teaches classing in urban farming, including raising chickens. Kathia Duran heads up that organization.

  2. mermaid says:

    There is the best little popsicle stand in the quarter. It is called the Meltdown. Best popsicles ever!!! All fresh made and frozen within 30 minutes. watermelon lemongrass. peach ginger. vietnamese coffee. strawberry basil….. stuff like that. The owner Michelle rocks, and is alweays there.
    Dauphine st. I think- or Dumaine, I always get the 2 confused.

  3. ben b says:

    you guys should go to an abused womens shelter. see what happens when you hit women.

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